Ultra Marathon Raises Money for St Leonards Hospice in York 2

Ultra Marathon Blog – Part 2

Rat Race

Training Run 1

Before setting out running mile after mile, I researched some training plans on how to run an Ultra.  They covered distances, nutrition, hydration and recovery periods and it soon dawned on me that the training could be harder than the actual event.

My mind was focused on timings and calculating how many hours and minutes it would take me.  A question you never hear from people who know you are running an Ultra say, is; “what time did you do?” it’s more about “did you complete it?”

So, based upon the copious amount of reading and analysing training plans, I decided to create my own, based upon a mixture of advice, forums and Facebook groups.

I purchased a recommended running vest and was to be my carrier of the variety of food and drinks I would be consuming during my runs.

The plan was drawn up to cover 6 months – December 2018 to June 2019.  I knew running 16km (10 miles) was well within my capabilities and therefore decided to test the water with a slow and steady 22km (13 miles).

The weather was cool, no wind and dry.  The course was created to replicate the type of ground I would be running on.  Apparently, the Ultra was 80% road and 20% tracks and pathways.  The run started off well and I aimed to run slower than my ‘usual’ pace as the biggest mistake most Ultra runners make is starting too quickly.

Halfway round, everything seemed good and I continued to drink and eat small amounts to ensure the calories I was burning off was kept topped up.  It is at this point you do think about why you are doing it.

St Leonards Hospice is a wonderful organisation and it only seems right to give something back, by raising awareness and donations so they can continue to support and care for those in need.

Towards the end of the run, I felt ok, but was certain there weren’t a further 89 km (55 miles) left in reserve!

The first training run was complete and now the determination and dedication would be paramount to ensure the challenge was completed to benefit both St Leonards and myself!



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