Oak Structures – Technical


Your oak building albeit an orangery, conservatory or atrium will be well designed and constructed.

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Your oak building is made from seasoned, air-dried European oak.  This has been acclimatised for several years resulting in natural characteristics such as cracks and knots.

Seasoned oak may have twisted or bowed over its drying time and these characteristics are removed after the oak is re-machined prior to manufacturing.

Buying seasoned oak means you limit the amount of further movement you may expect from using green oak (This is oak that contains a high level of moisture and has normally been felled within the last 12 months).

air dried oak beams


The oak on your oak building shouldn’t need maintenance.

Oak is a very robust timber and can handle most weather conditions for years to come.

Oak can be coated with an exterior UV oil, normally in a choice of clear, natural (golden) or traditional (a darker oak).

Over time, the weather, especially the sun, will react with the oil and break it down.  This may happen after several months or years depending on which direction your structure faces and the amount of sun it receives.

You have a choice.  When you see a slight discolouration in the oak, a more silvery grey appearance, you could apply another coat of external UV oil or allow the oak to weather naturally.

This colour change is not detrimental to the oak.  It is not a sign of rot and is purely a natural change in colour.

The change is a reaction between the UV rays of the sun reacting with a naturally present acid in the oak called ‘Tannin Acid’.  This reaction causes the oak to turn silver grey.

It is personal choice how you want it to look in the years that follow.

osmo oil


Oak over time will want to change its appearance and dimensions.  By using seasoned, air-dried oak, the movement is limited when setting it alongside double glazed units that need to remain rigid and true.

The glazing units are sandwiched between air dried oak posts and kiln dried oak covers.  In between are a mixture of  EPDM tape and low modulus silicone The tape is a multi-purpose seal that can also be used as a compression seal in windows and doors. These items allow the oak within the oak building to move whilst still retaining a weatherproof seal.

oak truss

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