Oak Doors - Technical


A beginners guide on understanding how your oak door should be stored, finished and hung.
Further details on fire rated options and glazing options are below.

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When your oak doors are delivered to site, their storage time should be kept to a minimum.

If possible, arrange for the delivery to be just before you require them.

Your home should have a dry atmosphere and the doors should be stored in a FLAT position.

Ensure that the doors are not exposed to a damp room and not stored close to radiators or forms of direct heat.


Internal Engineered Oak Doors

The majority of all internal engineered oak doors are supplied prefinished and ready to hang.  Some doors are supplied unfinished and therefore a coat of Osmo Polyx oil would be recommended.  This is available in a natural or clear colour.

External Engineered Oak Doors

Seal your oak door immediately after unpacking and prior to the hanging procedure. Generously apply one base coat of “Sikkens HLS plus” and a minimum of two top coats of “Sikkens Filter 7 plus” or alternatively one base coat of “Sadolin Ultra base coat” and a minimum of two top coats of “Sadolin Ultra Highly Translucent Wood Stain”.

This application should be applied to the front, back, sides, top and bottom edges.  In addition to this, seal any planed edges and cut outs during the hanging procedure, so no moisture ingress can occur.

External Solid Oak Doors

These doors are all prefinished and ready to hang.  A choice of colours and sheen levels are available.

Internal Planked Doors

These doors are unfinished and can either be treated the same way as an internal engineered door (see above) or they can be waxed to give a sheen or patina.  There is a range of 5 coloured waxes to choose from.

engineered oak doors

Fire Rated Oak Doors

Internal Engineered Oak Doors

All the internal engineered doors, glazed or otherwise can be manufactured as a fire rated door.  Glazed doors have special glass applied and all doors are uprated to 44mm in thickness.

Internal Planked Doors

In general, these doors are not fire rated. However, the double sided door which is 50mm thick has been used for fire rated projects.

An additional material can be placed in the core of the door for this purpose.  Should your building control officer wish to make contact, please ask them to call us on 01423 593794.

Glazing Options

Internal Engineered Oak Doors

Any doors shown with glazing are provided fully glazed.  Should the glazing fall below the minimum level for safety glass this is taken care of automatically.

External Solid Oak Doors

External doors tend to have double glazed units unless otherwise requested.  The spacer bar colour can be changed as well as specifying Argon filled units to comply with building regulations.

engineered oak doors

Cottage Oak Doors

Opening Direction

To enable to you hang your door correctly, the hinges are to be placed on the correct side of the door.

The hinges are always attached to the side you pull towards you, regardless of whether this is the front planked or ledged side.

There is an easy way to remember this.

  1. Imagine yourself stood looking at a closed door.
  2. Decide whether you are looking at the front or back on the door
  3. Will the door PUSH AWAY from you or PULL TOWARDS you
  4. If you PULL the hinges need to placed on this side
  5. If you PUSH the hinges need to be placed on the opposite side.

Ledge & Braced Doors

Left or Right Hung

This section only applies should you be decided on ledged & braced doors.

The diagonal braces, although only a cosmetic addition, needs to the rotated or flipped over depending on whether the door is to be hung on the LEFT or the RIGHT.

An easy way to remember this is:

  1. Imagine yourself stood looking at a closed door
  2. You must be looking at the FRONT (upright planks) of the door
  3. Will the knuckle part of the hinge be screwed on the left or the right?  Note, the hinge may be on the opposite side of the door but this does not matter.
  4. Your answer determines if your oak door in LEFT HUNG or RIGHT HUNG.

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