Osmo Oil for Renovating Oak Floors

Once the investment has been made, an engineered oak floor is going to be there for a long time! Unlike carpet, which is easily soiled, or tiles, which can easily be cracked, an oak floor can easily be renovated when it starts to look a little tired.

Last month Greg Kinnear got in touch with us as he had an engineered oak floor that was laid about 12 years ago. At that time, the floors we supplied were unfinished, and were then oiled on site after installation.

He wanted to refresh the floor with a product that had a non-shiny finish. We recommended the Osmo Polyx Satin Oil.

He had about 10square metres of flooring to renovate. The finish he had used before was in his words ‘like iron’ and took quite a while (most of the day) to sand back to the bare boards. He used 40, 80 and then 120 grit sandpaper to get to this stage.

Application of the first coat of oil was much quicker! It took 40 minutes to apply with a brush, and spread with a rag. The effects of the first coat can be seen on the photo (above).

Greg said it was difficult to wait the recommended drying time of 10 hours as he could see how effective the renovated floor was going to be. He managed to wait, and then applied the second coat and his 12-year-old floor now looks great, in fact, like new.

Regarding the Osmo Satin Oil, Greg said: “It’s a joy to work with, very forgiving as no wipe marks or brush marks when it’s dry. I’m going to Osmo everything now! I love the non-shiny finish when dry”.

The engineered oak floor finished floor can be seen on the photo above.

Even with a Pre-finished oak engineered floor, if you decided to change the colour in 10 years, this could be done as Osmo have a huge range of different oils and finishes which are suitable for this type of work.