Osmo Cleaning Advice for Engineered Oak Flooring

Care & Cleaning of Your New Oak Flooring

Our oak flooring is supplied pre-finished with an Osmo Polyx-Oil. This allows the wood to ‘breathe’ and it also repels dirt and moisture. Should any soiling or damage occur, it is easy to clean and repair.

Caring for an oiled floor is easy if you follow some basic rules and choose the correct care product. Some of the aggressive all-purpose cleaners will break down the protective layer of the Polyx-Oils and cause the oak flooring to become more sensitive to dirt.

Oiled oak flooring does not charge up electrostatically and does not offer breeding grounds for microbes and allergens. Dust, lint or animal hair can be removed with a vacuum cleaner or soft brush on a regular basis.

Depending on the amount of use your floor has to cope with will depend on how often it will need to be mopped. A weekly clean will probably suffice in most households.

Osmo Cleaning Kit
Osmo Cleaning Kit

Osmo have a one touch Spray-Mop with a fitted cartridge for the cleaning solution. Their Wash and Care is designed for oiled oak flooring. It removes dirt and grime exceptionally well and thanks to the natural oils, prevents the floor from drying out.

Only a damp (not wet) mop should be used. Any excess water should be dried afterwards.

From time to time your wooden floor may need to be refreshed. Osmo’s Liquid Wax Cleaner is ideal for this. This regenerates the protective oil-wax layer, enabling your floor to keep its special shine.

Over time you may find that marks have been left on the floor. The protective surface can be renewed at any time without needing to sand the old finish. This is an advantage compared to lacquered wooden surfaces.

The oak flooring needs to be cleaned prior to renewing the Polyx-Oil. Then an extremely thin layer of Osmo Polyx-Oil needs to be applied with a brush or roller.

To partially renovate oak flooring that has previously been treated with CLEAR Polyx-Oil, the area to be treated would need to be separated from the rest of the floor with masking tape.

The damaged area would need to be sanded thoroughly (the grit size of final sanding work should match the finished surface of the surrounding floorboards) and the sanding dust vacuumed.

A thin layer of Polyx-Oil then needs to be applied (Osmo have a Microfibre Roller suitable for this) and left to dry for 8 – 10 hours with good ventilation.

After drying, another coat would need to be applied with a lint free cotton cloth and left to dry.

For oak flooring that has had a COLOURED finish, Polyx-Oil Tints will have been used. The steps are the same in principle as for the Clear oils except a Polyx-Oil Tint is used and then the second application is Polyx-Oil.

It is always best to carry out a trial application on a leftover piece of oak flooring prior to tinting the floor!

If the gloss level doesn’t match the surrounding area, on either of the above, it can be adjusted with Osmo’s Liquid Wax Cleaner.

With regular maintenance your oak flooring will last for years and years, looking good throughout that time.

We do stock some Osmo products and these are available from our showroom:

Wash and Care – £15.00

Maintenance Kit – £27.00
Includes – Wash and Care, Liquid Wax Cleaner and Application Cloths

Spray Mop –  £35.40

Osmo Polyx –Oil (Clear) – £27.60

The above prices include vat.

Osmo Spray Mop
Osmo Spray Mop