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Designs and Options

Oak trusses are normally used as a structural element in the design and build of a roof.  Sometimes the roof construction is constructed from steel and therefore oak trusses can be supplied for cosmetic reasons and still provide that wow factor.

There are 3 main types of truss used in the industry.  King Post, Raised Tie and Queen Post.

Your design may require more headspace and therefore a Raised Tie Truss would be more beneficial.  These can have some restrictions and so a more traditional King Post Truss is normally used in today’s projects.

Not just any oak.
The difference lies in using seasoned, air-dried oak instead of green oak…

Other Components

Other oak roofing components can create a spectacular effect.  Alongside the oak trusses can be oak purlins, ridge beams, hips and valley beams.

Sometimes these components are made from softwood and are kept enclosed within the roofing makeup.  They are subsequently plasterboarded to provide a smooth clean and flat surface ready to paint.

Any exposed oak timbers within the design can work both aesthetically and structurally at the same time.


Technical and Structural Engineering

If structural, we are able to create full working drawings for approval based upon receiving your structure engineers calculations.  We can always liaise with any project manager, contractor or architect at no cost to ensure all parties underside what the end result should be.

Traditionally, we use oak dowels to secure the mortise and tenon joints using an offset hole.  This means to joints tensioned during construction and become tighter over time.  Occasionally, on more demanding joints under more stress, we use a stainless steel threaded bar, however, we are able to hide these within the oak itself.

oak truss

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