oak trusses

oak trusses in a kitchen

Oak Trusses

These will transform your ceiling, room and home.

Careful consideration needs to be applied to the design, location and type of oak trusses you may want to use.

These decisions are normally made between you, your architect, structural designer and supplier.

Help is always on hand to ensure the right decisions are made and you will always have peace of mind that any oak trusses you choose, will be manufactured by skilled craftsmen.

To ensure all dimensions are correct, a full working drawing is always provided prior to starting.  This means that any site dimensions can be checked against those on the drawing.  It is easier to change a drawing than the finished item.

A Sense of Pride

It is all about the ‘feeling’ you will have when appreciating the majestic splendour of oak trusses.

They will always be a feature, designed to show-off the structure of your home. Traditional joints, seasoned oak and authentic.

oak trusses
oak trusses
oak trusses and purlns

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