Technical Drawings

Its In The Detail
specification, dimensions and much more…

Its About the Detail

Your oak orangery, porch or truss can be a significant investment.  This is why we always create a technical drawing.

For all our Supply & Fit projects, we use this to enable our joiners to create your oak framework.  For all Supply Only project, these drawings are created to allow you to confirm or change any details prior to manufacturing.

As an example, an oak orangery requires a drawing to depict the footprint size, its height, glazing apertures, door criteria and much more.

The drawings can be handed to other trades so that they can see what is to be produced.  Should your project involve more complicated work, to clarify this, additional drawings are made showing more detail.

technical drawing

Getting It Right First Time

Creating a technical drawing can highlight any potential problems before we manufacture, for example, your oak orangery or oak porch.

Sometimes complex roof designs and more intricate details are best drawn beforehand to ensure the project works and offer a solution it not.


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