oak staircases

Oak Staircase.  A Grand Entrance.

Oak staircases are the epitome of all hallways.  It shows style and can be achieved in a number of ways.  From a simple spindles and hand rails through to glazed screens and curved steps.

Depending on your home, stage of project or grand design ideas, you have a choice in creating an oak staircase just for you.

  • Straight Flights

  • Quarter and Half Landing Areas

  • Glazed Panels and Rails

  • Curved & Bullnose Steps

  • Closed or Open Treads

oak staircases in a barn conversion
Double height oak staircase with glass rails
Solid oak staircase
Solid oak staircase with bullnose first step

Add A New Oak Staircase

New oak staircases can follow many designs and have deciding factors such as overall height, walls, returns and landing areas.

A well designed staircase may have additional features such as under cupboard storage, curved front steps and open treads.

If you have grand ideas of having your own oak staircase, please get in touch with either drawings, pictures or plans.

Need Inspiration?  Check out the 'Clients Projects'.

Clad Your Existing Staircase

oak staircase
Cladding existing staircase in oak

Phase 1

To replace the base rails, spindles, hand rails and cover the newels.  This will create an oak staircase from the base rails upwards.

Phase 2

To also template and install oak stringers but keeping the treads and riser as a carpet.

Phase 3

To over clad entire staircases in oak giving the impression that the original staircase is oak without the cost and disruption of installing a new oak staircase.

oak staircase
Oak steps set with metal supports and glass rails

Other Options

Your oak staircase can take on many forms.

A traditional oak staircase will have oak spindles, oak hand rails and closed oak steps.

Other options can include open treads (as shown left) and glass balustrade.

The design may incorporate landings and turns to accommodate restricted head room and hallway dimensions.

Think About…

  • Under stair cupboard and storage

  • The pitch or slope of the staircase

  • The width to give easier access

  • Restrict Under Floor Heating directly underneath

  • Will the underside be seen, if so what will you see?



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