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Your Oak Porch

Oak porches will not only decorate the front of your home but will add character,
style and personality as well as providing protection from the elements.

In addition, it will increase the value of your home and last a lifetime.
The thought of having an oak porch, complete with brackets and pitched roof,
is the icing on the cake for many homeowners.

Drawings of your oak porch showing dimensions are provided to ensure the basic
principles are right before manufacturing.

oak porch

Why Air Dried Oak?

It has naturally dried over a period of time to settle down and lose moisture.

This minimises any future movement and has the added characteristics of cracks and features that take time to replicate.

oak porch at night
Large Oak Porch - Open 2 Sides

Guidance and Help

Oak porches don’t need to be complicated.

A good starting point would be to download the default drawing showing the relevant information needed to get you started.

Technical Drawing (<50Kb)

There are some basics questions to answer but then you are on your way to a beautiful addition to your home.

Oak Porch With Side Panels
Side view of an oak porch

Oak Porches

5 Areas to Consider

Do you know your oak porch dimensions (Height, Width and Depth)?

The dimensions of oak porches are critical ensuring it looks proportional to the rest of your home.  Advice can be given on size of posts and overall width and height.

Will the porch be sat on a dwarf wall?

This is sometimes a common feature allowing internal seating and storage space.  Again, advice can be provided on how your oak porch will sit on the wall and the fixing thereof.

Do you require 2 or 4 oak uprights?

The majority of oak porches have 4 legs although the back legs are not a necessity.  You may have lights, rainwater pipes, windows or other obstructions to consider.

Do you want to cover the underneath of the roof with oak boarding?

There is an option to ‘see’ oak boarding when looking up towards the roof of your oak porch.  This provides a quality feel and allows the addition of downlights if required.

Are there any windows directly above the oak porch that may restrict it?

If you have a window directly above the porch, it can help you to provide an overall height to the underside of the window sill.  A calculation can then be made to ensure the roof pitch falls within certain parameters.

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