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Designs and Options

The design and options you have for your oak porch fall into three main categories.  We have detailed each one so you can make an informed decision to get the right oak porch for you.


The triangular section at the top of the post, known as the truss, is available in four styles.


Basically, the choice would be to have two or four posts.  The two post option relates to the posts at the front of the porch as it is not always necessary to have back posts on your porch.  However, the majority of oak porches have four posts, two at the front and two at the back adjacent to the house.


A dwarf wall can add a feature to an oak porch, however it is not alwys possible to acheive this.  Either way, the two or four oak posts run vertically down into a dwar wall made from brick or stone or to the ground supported by a concrete pad.

Not just any oak.
The difference lies in using seasoned, air-dried oak instead of green oak…
Oak Porch - New Build Property
engraved oak porch

Dimensions and Proportions

The majority of oak porches are made from a sections size of 140mm x 140mm.

This is machined from air-dried oak 150mm x 150mm leaving a square and straight finish.

Your oak porch is made to order and therefore the footprint size (width and depth) can be customed to whatever you wish.  Should your porch be on the large side, we can accommodate a larger oak post of 190mm x 190mm.  We would advise you on this should the need arise.

The other dimension to consider is the overall height.  We would take into account any upstair windows and adjust the pitch to suit.  As your oak porch needs to make a statement, we will ensure the proportions are inkeeping with the property so that everything looks just right.

oak porch

Traditional Workmanship

Call us old fashioned, but the construction of your oak porch is made using a tradition mortise and tenon joint.  There are no screws, nails or fixings asssociated with your porch.  Everything is manufactured with kiln dried oak dowels using to secure all the joints.

After that, we ensure all the oak has been planed, sanded and pre-treated with a choice of external oils.  Likewise, we carefully select the oak beams to ensure we can guarantee to create a structurally sound, high-quality porch time and time again.

To aid both our joiners and yourself, a full working drawing is created for approval before any manufacturing starts.  This enables us to tweak any measurements beforehand and create your oak porch exactly as specified.

oak porch

Insulation Considerations (Glazed Only)

Glazed oak porches are represented by a sheltered and enclosed entrance to your home.

The main options to consider would whether the area requires heat; therefore the design needs to incorporate insulation. Another design factor is whether you require a dwarf wall.  Adding a dwarf wall creates an internal area to store footwear and storage space, otherwise a fully glazed wall would mean seeing through to the inside.

glazed oak porch

Door Considerations (Glazed Only)

Adding a glazed oak porch requires either utilising the exisiting front door or installing a new one.

This door can either be a made to measure oak door, glazed or otherwise, or we can create an aperture to suit if a painted, aluminium or composite dor is to be used.

The door frame is held in place be overlapping oak cover boards creating a seal.  This is the same method as securing the glazed units in place.  See the oak framed buildings glazing section for more details.

Oak Porch Glazed

Final Choices

There are other considerations and decisions we would need to know.

The colour of your external oil?

Strictly speaking, your oak porch does not need an external oil.  However, we can offer a choice of three oils.

A matt and very neutral looking oil that protects the oak from the elements whilst retaining the natural colour of the oak.

Or a matt and more mellow (slightly golden) looking oil offering the same properties as above.

Or a satin and harder finish (also slightly golden) giving more protection over the same period of time.

Are oak over boards required?

These complimentary additions create an oak boarded roof.  When you stand underneath your oak porch, this adds solid oak boards inside the roof structure.  They measure 165mm x 15mm and are tongue and grooved for easy installation.

Should you wish to overboard with plywood or moisture-resistant MDF, this would also suffice.  These products will need painting to finish off the roof.

Would you require oak front and/or side fascias and are soffits needed?  More techincal info here.

Oak Porch - New Build Property

Undeniable Top Class Service

We go beyond good customer service, we excel in creating a great customer experience.

Always exceeding expectations so that your experience is first class, top notch and reliable.

Communication is high on our agenda to encourage two way, open-ended conversations.

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