5 Considerations for your Oak Porch

Planning Permission

Planning regulations differ from council to council. It is always a good idea to seek permission should you be considering adding an oak porch to your home. Most porches can be classed as permitted development as the footprint area is normally around 3 square meters.

Dwarf Walls

Adding a dwarf wall to your oak porch can add character and a little more shelter. It would be an ideal place to add an oak seat or welly store depending on how the dwarf wall is built. The oak posts can be made to fit any height and we provide a stainless steel pin on the underneath.  This will then act as a locating point on top of the dwarf wall.

Roof Coverings

Most recommendations would be to have matching roofing materials from your main roof to that of the porch. For example, large blue slate on the main roof would be complimented by smaller slate on the porch. Should you have a traditional pantile roof then a smaller plain tile or Rosemary tile would not look out of place.

First Floor Windows

Sometimes you may have height restrictions due to the location of a first floor window. As your oak porch is made to measure, the necessary adjustments can sometimes be made to reduce the pitch of the roof.  This will allow it to fit underneath the windowsill.

Other Considerations

Give some thought to lighting.   Lights will add a warm welcome on a cold November night. These can be placed either side of the rear posts or set within the roof boards. As the timbers are all exposed underneath your oak porch, you could also consider a central pendant.


We are always here to help and advise.

Should you have an oak porch idea or requirement, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will guide you through the process.