Oak Doors - Accessories

Oak Architrave

Your oak architrave will finish off your oak doors and frames.

4 profiles are available; Ogee, Bullnose, Torus and Chamfer.

The standard dimensions are 70mm x 20mm and produced in ‘sets’.  A set is made up as 2 legs and 1 head, so 2 sets are required to cover both sides of one door.

oak architrave for oak doors
70mmx 20mm Oak Architrave. Ogee, Bullnose, Torus and Chamfer

Door Linings

A door lining is a made to measure oak lining manufactured to fit inside an existing aperture.

As each wall thickness maybe different, these are made to order and come with a separate door stop or lath to create a rebate.

Door Frames

A door frame is a square sectioned piece of oak with a rebate cut out to accept the thickness of your oak doors.

Your door is normally 35mm or 44mm thick and therefore each frame needs to correct rebate size.

Handles & Hinges

Your oak doors need finishing off with handles and hinges. With such a large variety of handles, hinges and ironmongery on the market, it is purely your choice regarding the design, colour and style to suit your home and surroundings.

Help can be offered by looking at the following website specifically designed to offer a wide range of ironmongery.


Some thought should be made when deciding on door ironmongery to see if it needs to match other items.  These could include window fitting, light and switch sockets and letterboxes.

oak door handle
A wide selection of ironmongery



  • Made to Order

  • Solid European Oak

  • Any Profile To Suit


Sometimes a oak doors will need a threshold at its base where oak flooring or other floor coverings need a neat finish.

A simple ‘tee’ piece is needed where the floor levels are the same, otherwise a purpose made thresholds can be manufactured to suit.

Thresholds for oak doors
Two designs of oak thresholds

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