An Oak Conservatory – The Hottest Trend

Oak Conservatory

The blending of interior and exterior spaces with a tiled roof oak conservatory is in demand.

As a nation of home lovers – and garden lovers – it seems only right that the current trend for blending inside and outside spaces is on the up. A garden really should be for use all year round and not just for alfresco living during the warmer months. When you consider the benefits that a garden has on well-being then it is clear to see why a room that is designed to make the most of the view outside is such a good idea – and why over the years the conservatory-style living space has been such a popular home improvement.

These days, thanks to developments in technology and improvements in building aesthetics, this extra living space doesn’t necessarily have to be a traditional Victorian-style glass construction filled with plants from warmer climes that need inside protection from the winter frosts. The oak conservatory can now really be for whatever purpose you require – from an extra lounging space or dining space to a yoga room or state-of-the-art media den if you so want – and can even be designed to look like it has always been part of your existing home, bringing a feeling of permanence into the equation too.

A classic glass and orangery-style oak conservatory is still popular with homeowners but many are now opting for the tiled roof extension because it suits their needs better. This is designed specifically to match the original building at all levels so that it looks like a built extension, but with all the benefits of a conservatory.

Crucially, a tiled roof-style oak conservatory has a fully plastered ceiling like a traditional house. Even the build process is similar. This opens up a range of lighting options, so you could choose from integrated spotlights or down lights, for example – keeping to one style of lighting is a great way of visually linking rooms or separate areas of a home – then a concealed ceiling design will allow for this or even an integrated music system, perhaps.

A tiled roof extension maintains all the aspects of a glass roof conservatory by maximising the glazed area while negating the common criticisms of glare in the summer and noise when it rains. A roof-style conservatory will stay cool in summer and warm in winter while making the most of your garden view.

These days the oak conservatory really can be anything you want – both the traditional conservatory and a tiled roof extension ultimately bring extra natural light to the home, and provide homeowners with a feeling of being closer to nature and making the most of their garden spaces, so it’s a matter of deciding which sort of construction is right for you.