Great North Run

Top 5% -What an Achievement

Richard recently completed the 13.1 mile Great North Run from Newcastle to South Shields.

After 17 weeks of training, Richard wanted to achieve a goal of 100 minutes.  His personal best was 105 minutes and knew some dedicated training was needed.  He joined a local running club and this helped with motivation and getting advice from from fellow enthusiastic runners.

Training steadily increased so that in July he ran nearly 70 miles (120 km) and August hit a total of 115 miles (185 km).  On the 11th September, the weather was a little warm, wind was steady and the adrenaline was pumping.

With over 57,000 people taking part, Richards starting position was somewhere around 7,000 with only 50,000 keen and eager competitors behind him.

The slightly hilly course coupled with thousands of waving supporters was an amazing experience.  The race was on!

Richard reached quarter distance around 24 minutes and was on target for the 100 minutes.  At halfway, 49 minutes had passed and he knew it would be close.  As the amount of runners thinned out, the three-quarter distance was achieved in 75 mins.

Head down, Richard was at South Shields being cheered on by the ever increasing crowds.  His tired legs felt heavy and he was pleased to see the finish line.  The timer stopped at 100 minutes and 36 seconds.

A great achievement all round and finishing in the top 5% of runners.  Richard has vowed to beat it next year!