Grand Design in York Inspired by Roman Villa

Engineered Oak Flooring and Staircase

Oak By Design is proud to be associated with the supplying and installing of the engineered oak flooring and staircase throughout this wonderful property.


The Romans ruled York for more than 300 years and left an impressive legacy, including the city’s famous walls, but the grand, classical villas built for the elite are long gone. Mindful of that loss and knowing that their self-build plot was on a Roman cemetery, retired architect Mike Nicholas and his wife, Barbara, made heritage the starting point for their “grand design”.

Their contemporary take on a Roman villa is now one of the city’s finest examples of 21st-century architecture, although the process from inception to completion was a protracted one. It began when Mike inherited his parents’ 1950s cottage, which sat on a sought-after cul-de-sac close to the Knavesmire.

It was in need of updating and it was clear that demolishing it to make way for a larger, more energy-efficient property would be a better use of resources. Planning permission was an issue as there were some objections to the proposed design, which was three storeys and ultra modern. An archaeological evaluation was also required to assess the impact on the burial ground.

More details can be found on the Yorkshire Post website