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Oak Section

  • Do you use only Green Oak?

    We don’t use Green Oak at all.  We prefer to use the more stable, seasoned (air-dried) oak for all oak framework.

    In additional to seasoned oak, we use kiln-dried oak for items such as oak covers, boards and other plank-like requirements.

  • What are your stock sizes?

    Although we have stock sizes, we have the ability to cut any beam or plank to any size.

    Our oak is divided into two main sections.  Air Dried and Kiln Dried.

    Air Dried Oak

    150mm x 150mm, 200mm x 200mm, 250mm x 250mm and 300mm x 300mm

    Lengths will depend on stock at the time but we can source most lengths to order.

    Kiln Dried (Planks)

    34mm, 41mm, 54mm, 65mm and 80mm

    Lengths range from 3.00m to 7.00m – with most up to 4.50m

  • How do I maintain my oak products

    This depends on whether you maintaining external or internal oak products.

    Strictly speaking, you never have to treat external oak.  Oak is a very durable timber and although it will discolour over time, its strength will increase and its durability will remain constant.

    The only reason to oil an external piece of oak is to keep its colour.  The oil will repel water but its not a necessity.  Using a good quality exterior UV oil on a regular basis will allow you to keep the colour in the future.  We use Osmo Oils.

    Internally your oak can be oiled or waxed depending on how much traffic the oak is exposed to.    Wax can be coloured and its finish will be a light sheen.  Oil is either golden or natural and leaves more of a matt finish.


  • Where do you deliver?

    We are able to deliver throughout the UK and have supplied goods to Europe and America.

    Delivering oak products within the UK determined by one of three key areas.

    A. The total weight of the goods

    B. The maximum length to be delivered

    C. The distance to travel from our workshop (YO26 7QJ)

    Depending on the answers we would either use a dedicated local delivery company, FedEx UK or the National Palletline system.

  • What about unloading on-site?

    Unloading on-site will depend on the vehicle used.

    If a local delivery company is used, the driver can help unload the goods at your home.

    Smaller items up to 30kgs are usually delivered with FedEx and delivered to your door.

    Larger items delivered on a pallet are either unloaded to the rear of the vehicle or heavier items may require a forklift or similar machinery.

  • I have Restricted Access, is this a problem?

    One of the questions we ask when delivering your goods is regarding site access.

    We will provide an indication of the vehicle to be used and should access be restrictive, we will inform the haulage to see if an alternative method could be used.

    This may mean more than one trip will be required.

  • What are your delivery costs?

    Delivery costs are based on either the total of weight of goods, the maximum length of oak or distance to travel.

    Based on this, we arrange the most cost-effective and safest way to delivery your goods.

    Prices are individually priced and our cost price is shown on all quotations.


  • What are your payment terms?

    Supply Only Projects

    We take a 30% deposit on all Supply Only projects.  This allows us to hold stock, allocated manufacturing time and where necessary supply full working drawings for approval.  The balance payment is required just prior to dispatching or collecting the goods

    Supply and Fit Projects

    Payment terms vary with Supply and Fit Projects as there size and time scales can vary dramatically.

  • How can I make payment?

    Payments can be made using one of the following ways:


    Direct payment via the bank or online system is our preferred method of payment.

    We will supply our bank details will all quotations.

    Debit/Credit Cards

    We accept most personal debit and credit cards from all major banks.

    We currently do not accept company cards or American Express

  • What are your lead times?

    Lead times vary on size of project and time of year.

    As a guide, a small item could be 2-4 weeks, whereas an oak orangery we normally ask 8-10 weeks.

    Lead times are given from ‘date of order’ and therefore you need to build into the time frame things like planning permission, obtaining quotations and any remedial work.  Most of the time we supply a working drawing and therefore some time is needed to assess this, make changes and discuss any other queries.

  • Do you zero VAT for new builds?

    Although the VAT rules can be complex, we can apply a basic rule for VAT for new build projects.

    If we are invoicing goods on a supply only basis, the regardless of the project, we must charge the standard rate of VAT

    If we are invoicing goods on a supply and fit basis, then we can zero the VAT on new build projects.

    For more helpful information on VAT rules especially for listed buildings and barn conversions, please see VAT Notice 708 section 6.3


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