Exploring New Depths

An Unusual Discovery – Well I Never!

Earlier this year Oak by Design were pleased to be made the nominated contractors for all joinery works to a new build on the outskirts of Harrogate.

We will be posting monthly blogs on how the project went over the next few months and the project will feature in our Clients Projects on our web page: www.oakbydesign.co.uk

We would like to start with a story about a hole our building team found whilst forming the footings and sub base.

The 15m deep, brick fresh water well was discovered by Eamon Mulkeen and his building team. It’s safe to say there were a few expressions of: ‘Well, well, well – what have we got here?’ and ‘Well I never’ being thrown around for a few days!

We were keen to make a feature of this and I’m sure you will agree from the before photo to the completed article, we were right to do so.

After having lighting installed within the well we had a toughened 30mm glass top made and then our joiners made a frame from Kiln Dried Oak, 45mm thick and approx. 70mm wide to surround the metre wide hole and glass.

As I’m sure you can imagine the glass covered well has become a popular feature in their living room and this, along with other fabulous features in their beautiful home, will be shared in the near future in blogs and case studies.

It’s good to know that our clients are ‘WELL impressed’ with it and all other works we’ve provided!