oak flooring

Engineered Oak Flooring

Your engineered oak flooring is available in the traditional planked format.

Pre-finished, ready to lay with the piece of mind you have a full backup service from the flooring team.

Beautifully Engineered

Pre-finished Oak Floors

You will have peace of mind that your engineered oak flooring can be maintained with ease.

You can save time, as your oak floor can be laid knowing that no further oiling or finishing process is required.

Have the confidence that your oak floor is pre-finished with Osmo, a high-quality UV oil.

Suitable for Under Floor Heating

With modern trends now favouring both water and electric underfloor heating systems, all the engineered oak flooring has been designed with this in mind.

Be confident in knowing the advice and help you receive will be invaluable.

Tailor Made For You

Your oak flooring is made to order and you have several decisions to make.

A choice of thickness, widths and colours enable you to create your own floor to suit your needs.

Designer Colours

With a colour to suit everyone, your oak flooring can be coloured from ‘Extra White’ to ‘Double Smoked Black’, ‘Washy greys to smoked Cognac’ and many more.

Soft tones colours and traditional oils allow you to have the floor you always wanted.

Maintenance Support

Having a lifetime of support for maintaining your engineered oak flooring is invaluable.

Experts understand how to keep your floor looking in peak condition.

From weekly cleaning products to intensive cleaners, have peace of mind that you have a great team behind you.

engineered oak flooring

Enjoy Years of Quality

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