Dream House in Yorkshire – Part 4

Shaping the Interior

“The interiors are distinguished by skilful craftsmanship and design, making everything appear cohesive and effortless.”

Dramatic oak features and structural glazing characterise the internal styling of this luxurious property and allow for a smooth flow between living spaces. One of the most striking examples of this is in the entrance vestibule where we have installed a spectacular glazed oak internal doorway.

oak bi fold doors
oak doors

A number of adjustments were made to the original design as we worked on the interiors, some of which were specifically introduced to enhance the aesthetics and others to overcome particular challenges. Initially, the main kitchen and central hallway were intended to be one open space but the plans had to be revisited due to fire regulations.

Rather than adding an internal wall and door to enclose the kitchen completely, we designed a solution that would still give the client the open plan look she had been so keen to achieve. We suggested full height oak bi-folding doors which maintain the feeling of size and space whilst also fulfilling building regulations and acting as an effective noise barrier between the kitchen and the rest of the house during entertaining.

oak truss

Upstairs, an oak and glass Minstrel’s Gallery overlooks the hallway below, connecting the upper and lower living areas and adding a sense of spaciousness.

Spindles were swapped for glass on the upper oak staircase, which leads to the attic bedrooms, adding a minimalist finish that makes the most of the dimensions in this part of the house.

Rather than plastering over a steel support in the bedroom we designed bespoke oak cladding to transform it into a focal oak truss feature that adds character to the room.

Two handmade arched mirrors in the hallway are dramatic additions that reflect the light into every corner.