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It is always a topic of debate about what style to go for when choosing doors for your home. With an ever-increasing choice on the market, it is easy to be bamboozled by style, design and quality.  Everything hinged on making the right decision.

The Problem

This case study shares a client’s dilemma and how they decided on an engineered oak door.

Mr Yates-Johnson owns a lovely home and needed to address 2 issues. The first was the design of the doors and secondly he required more light within the open hallway.

The door material needed to be oak to tie in with a matching oak staircase and engineered oak floors. This was the easy bit. The challenge was to decide on whether a panelled, flush or planked-type door best suited his needs.

The Solution

As Mr Yates-Johnson required more light, a planked-type door was ruled out. A more traditional look was needed and therefore a plain four-panelled oak door was chosen.

This choice allowed him to select a matching glazed option for the doors adjacent to the hallway. These were both single doors and pairs leading through into the kitchen.

engineered oak doors
engineered oak doors
engineered oak doors
engineered oak doors

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More Choices

Rather than order a standard 35mm door, Mr Yates-Johnson decided to have a more substantial door by increasing the thickness to 44mm. This added more weight and provided a better feel to the door when it’s closed.

To keep in line with current building regulations, the glazed doors were fitted with safety glass, as the glass was below 800mm from the ground.

Although most engineered doors on the market are mass-produced from American Oak, Mr Yates-Johnson required a matching European Oak. As all Oak By Designs doors are tailor-made it was not a problem to accommodate this request.

The doors were finished in a hardwearing, satin lacquer suitable for easy maintenance and years of trouble-free use. Each door was individually wrapped.

The finished rooms on the photos below show the doors in their full glory. They are set within a white frame and architrave giving a clean, crisp look.

Should you wish to have further details on the engineered oak doors shown or on any other designs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

engineered oak doors
engineered oak doors
engineered oak doors
engineered oak doors

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