Oak Porch and Oak Door


Oak Porch & Oak Door Combination

Chris and Lorraine Holme visited Oak by Design’s showroom in March 2017.  They brought along their beautiful German Shepherd, Hepsie, to discuss an oak porch.

Their detached home had a one-storey garage and entrance area at the side.  It also had an overhang, which covered the front of the door and garage.

They wanted to give their 1859 rendered home a bit more character. They felt that an enclosed oak porch with glazed windows would achieve this.

Chris and Lorraine went prepared on their visit to OBD. They had plenty of photos of their existing home and relevant measurements.

Half of the top of the porch would potentially fit against the house and the rest would sit above the top of the garage roof. There was much discussion about the best way to supply a porch that fit correctly and looked aesthetically correct.

Lorraine loved the porch in OBD’s showroom and was keen to recreate this at their home in Crigglestone.

After discussing the various options, Joanne suggested they replicated the look of the showroom porch. They adjusted their plans and it was suggested that they replace their existing UPVC door and frame.  The design was to fit an open porch as opposed to an enclosed one. This way the oak would take ‘centre stage’ and the porch wouldn’t feel too enclosed.

Further measurements were taken when Chris returned home and after speaking to their builder about the proposed plans, OBD supplied diagrams for the proposed porch. Chris then decided to cover the overhang and fascia and its support with oak to finish the overall look of the front of the property.

At the beginning of May, Chris and Lorraine took delivery of their oak porch, door, frame and fascia’s.

Chris and the builder covered the back wall in the pitched area of the porch, above the doorframe, in oak and chose to overboard the oak common rafters. This gives a very finished look when stood within the porch.

The fascia’s and end support are now fit and the Holmes are thrilled with the porch and door.

They have had many neighbours and friends complimenting them on the look of the house, and people stopping their cars and asking about it.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the end result, it has really finished the house off.” Chris said.


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