Oak Porch Case Studies

These case studies are here to inspire and gain ideas. Details such as the projects journey from start to finish, comments and services supplied are here for you to read.

Get ideas, provoke decisions and think about the achievable. 
oak porch

Case Study 15004

Oak Porch – 4 Post – Dwarf Wall

1800mm (w)
1400mm (d)
3200mm (h)

Oak Porch Homes

Case Study 16875

 2 Oak Porches – New Build

2400mm (w)
1400mm (d)
3200mm (h)

oak porch truss

Case Study 15005

 Oak Porch – Barn Transformation

2000mm (w)
1300mm (d)
3150mm (h)

glazed oak porch

Case Study 15006

 Oak Porch – Barn Transformation

2750mm (w)
2750mm (d)
2950mm (h)

glazed oak porch

Case Study 16624

Glazed Oak Porch – Dwarf Wall

2450mm (w)
1500mm (d)
3250mm (h)

oak porch

Case Study 16918

Oak Porch – Development Wiltshire

3800mm (w)
1600mm (d)
3400mm (h)

oak porch yorkshire

Case Study 15007

Oak Porch – York North Yorkshire

1715mm (w)
1345mm (d)
3150mm (h)

oak porch dwarf wall

Case Study 15008

Oak Porch – Oxenhope, Yorkshire

1950mm (w)
1275mm (d)
3335mm (h)

oak porch harrogate

Case Study 15009

Oak Porch with Oak External Door

3000mm (w)
1400mm (d)
3350mm (h)

large oak porch

Case Study 16183

Large Oak Porch in Corner Setting

3120mm (w)
1840mm (d)
3830mm (h)

glazed oak porch

Case Study 17116

2 x Oak Porches (Glazed & Open)

Various (w)
Various (d)
Various (h)

Oak Porch - New Build Property

Case Study 17446

Multiple Oak Porches – 2 Styles

Various (w)
Various (d)
Various (h)

Oak Porch Stafford

Case Study 16900

Oak Porch with Dwarf Wall

1385mm (w)
1390mm (d)
3000mm (h)

oak porch in Yorkshire

Case Study 17019

Oak Porch with Dwarf Wall

3000mm (w)
1500mm (d)
3200mm (h)


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