Oak RSJ Covers Transformation

Oak RSJ Covers Transformation


Chris Heselton contacted Oak by Design in January 2016. He and his wife Hannah had bought a house and were in the process of renovating a 1920’s detached seaside home in the Isle of Man for their family.

Typical of this type of property their old fashioned, new home to be, had 5/6 bedrooms and only one bathroom. The downstairs area was also a number of small rooms.

The Heseltons planned to reconfigure the rooms and add a couple of extensions and a double garage to open up the property into a light and spacious home.

They wanted oak RSJ covers to disguise an RSJs between the new kitchen and dining area, an oak beam for the fireplace in their sitting area, and 3 oak rsj covers to ‘wrap’ around the opening between the dining area and sitting area.



They sent Oak by Design photos of what the room looked like after the walls had been knocked down and the RSJs had been installed. They also sent pictures they had seen on Pinterest and Houzz to give OBD an idea of the type of look they wanted to create.

A few months later they received Oak by Designs Newsletter that featured a ‘Reclaimed’ beam and they knew then this was the type of look they wanted.

Later in the year when the family were over on the mainland, they paid Oak by Design a visit. They found it helpful to see the various finishes and shapes and textures, achievable on the showroom examples, and returned to the Isle of Man for final measurements, along with a number of photo’s to remind them of their preferences.

They decided on an Antique finish, a warm honey colour, with the following extra’s to achieve the ‘Reclaimed’ look:

  • Random Shaping – an uneven finish to the edges and face, Brushing – this adds texture by lifting the grain,
  • Light Flaming – darkening of areas of interest such as knots and cracks etc.
  • Knocks and Dents – small indentations that add ‘nail marks’ and age to a beam or cover
  • Oak Pegs – these were added to the beam.

Oak by Design completed the beam first and sent out photo’s to the family to approve the finish before they completed the finish on the covers.

The oak rsj covers were required to wrap around the RSJ but as overall length of the cover was greater than the diagonal dimension of the opening, it would have been physically impossible to fit it in one piece.

In these situations there are a couple of alternatives. The cover can be made in 2 parts. An ‘L’ shaped covers one side and the underneath of the RSJ, and a second piece then fixes on the other side and screws into the underside piece.

The second alternative is to have it supplied in 2 pieces with a join along the length. This is what the Heseltons chose. The join is covered with a wooden strap and as in this case the strap can add interest and character. In this case there were 2 straps added along the length to give an even look.


2 years after buying the property. the family finally moved in, after living elsewhere whilst the building work was done.

Chris took the ‘finished’ photographs minutes before collecting their children from school to bring them home for the first time to live in their new home.

He said ‘It probably won’t look this pristine for long, once the children have been living here, so I thought it best to get the photo’s done whilst I could!’

It was certainly worth the wait. The house looks light, bright and welcoming and pretty much like the ‘ideas’ photo’s they sent in to OBD last year.

oak rsj covers
oak rsj covers
oak rsj covers

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