The Barn Conversion (Part 1)

Oak Trusses

Turning a House into a Home

In the late Spring of 2014, Mr and Mrs Ramsey were looking for a company to supply the oak for a proposed barn conversion.  They were planning to convert this into their home and they did what the majority of us do – they scoured the internet! They came across Oak by Design and were impressed with the information they found on the website, together with the photographs of previous projects.

After making contact by email, the Ramseys visited the showroom in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. After examining and looking at the wide range of products, they decided they wanted to use us to supply their oak.  After further discussions and a visit to their prospective home-to-be, full working drawings were supplied to the Ramseys and their builders.  The barn conversion would be truly impressive.

Discussions were had with Craig Kipling of Create Architecture and the first delivery was made in August 2014. This was the first of two phases of beautiful oak trusses and the first of many deliveries. Over the next 18 months, they were supplied with a range of oak products including roof work, engineered oak flooring, oak doors and stairs.

17 Oak Trusses, 100m of Purlins!

Oak Trusses
Engineered Oak Flooring
Oak Trusses

The barn conversion required 17 roof trusses in total, some of which can be seen in the photos above. Together with the oak purlins, these definitely provided the ‘wow’ factor.

The oak trusses formed the roof section on a ground floor link section and first-floor bedroom areas.  It was imperative that the oak was well seasoned as the client didn’t want any excessive movement when building dried out.

As well as using traditional mortise and tenon joints, stainless steel threaded bar was also used.  As with all structural work, there was a close relationship with both structural engineer and architect throughout the entire build.

Due to the complex design of the roof, the ‘unusual’ shaped truss was a partially over clad steel beam and solid oak.

Oak by Design created an Oak frame which fits perfectly around the structural steel giving the impression of an Oak structural truss. As you can see this blends in seamlessly with our structural oak trusses in the adjacent rooms. Our client is overwhelmed with the finished product and to be honest so are we!!