What A Barn Conversion!

Chapter One

It was getting dark and he was bored.

The newspaper laid on the edge of a leather chair, slightly crumpled where the previous reader had thumbed through the pages.

He gathered up the newspaper and realigned the pages so he could start reading anything he may have missed the first time. The property section was always an area of interest, gazing at the homes of others, concentrating on the adverts showing pictures of the inside of kitchens and bedrooms. Advertised in the top corner of page 31 was an opportunity to convert a building, well a barn actually, as most people like to think of the old buildings as barns.  A barn conversion, great idea!  He thought about the picture, a derelict looking old building probably from the early nineteenth century.

He wondered how he could convert it, what would it look like and how hard could it be?  A barn conversion would be a challenge, a memorable challenge.

The television was full of programs showing magnificent building projects, their challenges and pitfalls. He stood from a matching leather chair, folded the well-used paper and laid it on the floor. That was nearly three years ago as he typed the first chapter of ‘The Barn Project’.

oak barn conversion

That person was me, Richard Penny, the owner of Oak By Design and both my wife Sarah and I, would like to offer our experiences and advice within this guide for you. This barn conversion will cover the products we used as well as situations that, when looking back, we may have handled differently!

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