Why Use Oak Brackets with an Oak Porch?


Understanding the benefits of using an oak bracket with your oak porch.


Author: Richard Penny

Oak Porch Homes


An oak bracket can also be known as a strut, diagonal support or brace; for the purpose of this article, we will use the term ‘bracket’.

An oak brackets purpose is to create some rigidity to reducing the potential skewing of the porch posts.  What does this mean?

To create the structural integrity within the porch, these corner brackets, when fixed in place, will help the top of the front posts from moving sideways.

Looking at the front of the porch, the oak bracket locates into the base of the tie-beam of the truss as well as the sidewall of the front post.

The Joints

These joints are pre-made using a mortise and tenon joint [tooltip] and are fixed in place with an oak dowel.  This design creates a triangular shape in the top corner of the porch giving it the rigidity it needs.

The other purpose of the oak bracket is to make sure the oak truss that sits on top of the posts, cannot lift up.  Should you require no brackets, an alternative method of fixing the truss down should be considered.  This could be by skew screwing at the back of the truss.

Aesthetically, an extra oak bracket can provide more character if added to each side of the oak porch.  Should there be sufficient depth, two brackets can be used on each side.

oak bracket on oak porch
oak bracket on oak porch


The majority of oak brackets supplied have a curved appearance and we have a set radius that works well with most porches.  However, changing the curvature or design can and will create a different effect.  Please see our gallery for more ideas.

Other intricacies can include “stop chamfers”.  These add more detail to the edges of the brackets and soften their appearance.


So, to conclude the oak brackets are there for two main reasons.  One, to add structure and integrity and two, to add design and some aesthetic appeal.

When deciding on your oak porch, please consider what options you have and if we can help in finalising any details, just give us a call on 01423 593794.

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