Planning Permission for that Dream Oak Extension!!!


Useful and helpful information on planning permission, what to consider and whats involved

Jamie Winspear

Author: Jamie Winspear

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Planning Permission for that Dream Oak Extension!

Planning regulation can be quite challenging.  So, Oak By Design has highlighted some key facts about which building projects need planning permission and which don’t.

If you are thinking about building something new, or want to make a major change to your building, you will most likely need planning permission.

Listed below are tips and guidelines on initial points you should consider, to ensure your project gets underway.

Oak By Design is regularly involved with this process when it comes to Oak sunrooms, porches and other oak products.

Extensions to Your Home

An addition or extension to your house can be considered to be Permitted Development, providing it falls into the following remit.

  • Your extension is no more than half the area of land around the original house (curtilage).
  • The “original house” is seen as it was in 1948; or, after this date, how it was originally built when new.
  • Your extension is not forward of the principal elevation or side elevation onto a highway
  • Your extension is not higher than the highest part of the roof.
  • In the case of single-storey extensions, it must not extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by more than eight metres for a detached house, or more than six metres for any other house (e.g. not detached).
  • The maximum height of your single-storey rear extension is not higher than four metres.
  • Extensions of more than one storey do not extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by more than three metres.
  • Single storey, side extensions, with a maximum height of four metres and width no more than half that of the original house.
  • Two-storey extensions are no closer than seven metres to rear boundary.
  • The materials are similar in appearance to the existing house.
  • Your extension does not include verandas, balconies or raised platforms.
  • Any upper-floor, side-facing windows are obscure-glazed; any opening is 1.7m above the floor.
  • Conservatories are categorised as the same as any other extension, as set out above.

Find a Local Planning Consultant

Find a local planning consultant near you to help with your planning application.

A planning consultant may suggest you start with an informal meeting with your local planning authority (LPA) before you submit an application.

A pre-planning application meeting can help the LPA in dealing with your planning application when it is formally submitted. Ahead of this meeting, you will need to have proposals and plans for what you want to do.  Be ready to describe your proposals and, if possible, show the LPA designs – with current floor plans and proposed new design.

To save time and money during the early concept stage Oak By Design recommend asking the LPA key questions.  This is to ascertain whether there is a reasonable chance of planning permission being approved.

Questions Oak By Design recommend you ask LTA

  • Discuss site problems such as roads, footpaths, power cables, watercourses, sewers and telephone lines.
  • Ask about potential problems such as noise and traffic, and whether the council might impose conditions to overcome these problems rather than refuse planning permission.

Planning Application Drawings

A key point in the process of applying for planning permission is creating your design drawings.

Whether it’s a small straightforward single-storey extension or something more ambitious, you will need a set of accurate floor plans.  These are for your designs and elevations which show the vertical view of your design internally and externally.

These drawings need to be produced to the appropriate scale and demonstrate how your project will be in keeping with its surroundings.

Oak By Design would happily recommend an Architect for your scheme to help you through this process and carry out technical drawings.

If your project requires planning permission and you carry out the works without planning approval, you could be served with an enforcement notice.  This would order you to undo all the changes you have made. So don’t risk it and check before you start.

If you want an Oak Sunroom, Oak Porch or any other stunning Oak Feature, why not give Oak By Design a call to see what is achievable???

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