Belhaven Smokehouse in Dunbar


Oak sawdust clevery used in the smoking of fresh salmon and trout.

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One Man’s Meat …… (or Fish!)

During the production of our oak products, especially our oak conservatories, we invariably produce quite a bit of ‘waste’! This can be in the form of shavings, oak sawdust and offcuts. Fortunately, a few of us have wood-burning stoves, so we don’t struggle to get rid of the offcuts.

The oak sawdust and shavings over the years have been used for a variety of things: a local pig farmer has used it for putting down in the mud created by his pigs, and we’ve supplied it for use in other companies biomass boilers.

We had an interesting telephone call a few weeks ago from David at Belhaven Smokehouse in Dunbar, East Lothian. His usual supplier of shavings hadn’t been able to supply him with them and searching for a new supplier he’d come across a ‘tweet’ of ours on Twitter from 18 months ago when we’d been asking if anyone wanted any shavings!

As we had quite a few bags available, David arranged to come down from Dunbar to Tockwith to collect the shavings.

Belhaven Smokehouse

Belhaven Smokehouse opened its doors over 40 years ago.  It specialises in fresh, smoked and marinated trout and salmon products. They would use the dampened shavings to smoke white fish, salmon and trout, for anything up to 24 hours.

They also have smoked Goats’ cheese, Ayrshire Dunlop and their popular Lammermuir smoked cheddar in their Farmshop which also sells complementary products: sauces, dressings, honey, jams, oils oatcakes and shortbread. Thistly Cross Cider, Scots’ Cheer Liqueur’s, North Berwick Gin, local ales and Glenkinchie Malt Whisky help stock their shelves. As well as locally sourced within East Lothian and Scotland products.

David brought some of their smoked salmon down for us to try and we can highly recommend it!

Apart from their 7 days a week Farm Shop, they also offer a mail order service.

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