Great Oak Porch Problem Solved!


The drain pipe could not be easily moved. How could the oak porch fit against the house wall?

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seasoned oak porch

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An Oak Porch made by Oak By Design is always made to order! They have the advantage of helping clients who don’t want something ‘run of the mill’.

Instead of having ‘stock’ items made to a certain size, or in a certain style, with a certain finish, their customers can have whatever they want.

Potential client Jane Bastow approached them at the beginning of September.  She found them after looking through their website and realising that they made everything to order.  Speaking to Joanne at their Tockwith Showroom together they detailed the problems she had.

She wanted an oak porch installing at the front of her farmhouse property.

The Problem

Unfortunately, a large bathroom waste pipe ran above the main door entrance.  It also made life harder as it continued down the left-hand side of where a porch would be sited. At present, a beautiful climbing plant made a marvellous job of disguising the rather ugly pipework!

Due to having a downstairs window quite close to the doorway, the waste pipe, once again, caused problems.  This was the only place the back post could fit! There was also a small window above the doorway, offset to the right, which added to her already problematic restriction. After looking at various options, (such as making the porch slightly larger than required) but ruling them out for obvious practical reasons, an idea began to form!

If it is difficult to position a back post against a wall, the return beam, which runs from the front post to the back post, can be made longer. This can then ‘sit’ within the outer wall of the house. Unfortunately, the pipework was also in the way for this!

The main timbers of the porch would need to be 140mm x 140mm due to the size of the proposed porch (1765mm wide x 885mm deep).

The Solution

To ‘mimic’ a back post, a 3-sided oak cover would sit around the piping on the back wall. The return beam would then be extended so it would wrap around the upright post cover. As the pipework was at least 125mm in diameter, the back beam would need to appear like a larger beam. Therefore, if this was to be the case, the right-hand side was to match!

To disguise the pipework above the door, reclaimed oak panelling, retained by Jane from a previous project, would cover this. The back rafters of the oak porch would, therefore, sit forward to accommodate the panelling.

Jane’s builder was very much part of the discussions which went back and forth.

oak porch drawing

Eventually, between Jane, Oak By Design and the builder, the problem reached a resolution. The above ideas needed to approved by the builder.

Once everyone was happy with the drawing, Jane ordered the porch and promptly went on holiday until just before Christmas.

Manufacture of the porch took place in January and the installation was during February. Cutting back the plant to reveal the piping and replacing some of the smaller pipework, created a clear area to install the porch.

The photo’s show the porch in-situ and the back posts, made for Air Dried Oak like the other posts, look solid.

Jane wants the porch to age and weather quickly so it ‘silvers off’. This will, therefore, give the impression of having been there for some time. She, therefore, chose not to have an oil finish applied after manufacture.

She has also got her fingers crossed!  She hopes that the cut back plant starts to flourish and grow around the back post giving the look she craves!

Jane said. ‘I think it has made a big difference to the house, and a fantastic job in covering the pipes’

installed oak porch
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