How Can An Oak Porch Add Character?


Do you need an oak porch as a focal point, an entrance to say ‘welcome’, designed and installed exactly how you want it?

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Oak Porch Considerations.

You may want to consider your homes’ style and appearance.  A quaint cottage or a large detached family home?  Stone or brick-built?  Is the roof pitch forward-facing or gable facing?

Adding a porch will definitely add character but you should think about the above considerations first.

An oak porch may not always be suitable or you may have immovable features on the property making the addition more complicated.  At Oak By Design we ask if you are able to forward a picture of your property.  This allows us to assess the oak porch’s location and point our any anomalies prior to proceeding.

Proportions and first-floor windows tend to be the main discussions on how an oak porch can be incorporated. Although you can add chacter to the front of your property, there are many considertions to finalise first.  Over time we will be created more articles on key areas that need to be addressed.

The picture above is from a recent case study and can be read here

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Before and After

oak porch york
Oak Porch Stafford

The above pictures show that adding or replacing an existing porch with a custom made one, adds character!  It elevates the approach to the house and is welcoming to all.

It also adds value and a grand entrance to guests.  Adding dwarf walls increases your protection from the elements and creates a tidy, overall impression.

For any custom made air-dried porch enquiries, please contact us today for free advice and quotations.  We will listen to your requirements, offer key advice and ask many questions.  This ensures your oak porch will be tailor made just for you.

Our dedicated sister website of will answer any questions you may have.

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