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Oak Charity Work for a local York School is received well by the pupils.

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Oak Charity Work as School Benefits From Wood Offcuts

Our workshop supervisor, oak specialist Dave Carter, has 2 teenagers who have both attended York High School.  They both excelled in Design Technology.

Whilst attending a ‘parents evening’ a couple of years ago he got talking to the then D.T. teacher, Mr Sims (now the Head).  They discussed the materials used within the classes and the costs incurred by both the school and parents. Their children were happily making the items they had designed but costs were high.

Dave realised that he was in a position to help the school out by supplying offcuts of timber.  This included kiln-dried oak, door boards, waney edge oak and MDF. So periodically, Oak By Design does some ‘oak charity work’ and supplies the school with their timber requirements. Dave calls in to the school with the oak and catches up on the different items the students have made.

york school benefits from oak donation
york school benefits from oak donation

How Is It Used?

Year 7’s and 8’s make items such as models and plaques for their projects, whereas the older students, who are doing make larger pieces such as storage cabinets. This work is for their G.C.S.E’s and equivalent qualifications. For the older students, these pieces form part of their coursework and ultimately their final exam pieces.

Sometimes they may only use a small amount of oak on their projects, such as handles for a cabinet. There is always a variety of materials on hand gives them more choice and the chance to create something a little bit different.

Mr Parker, the present D.T. teacher, and Mr Sims have supplied us with photographs of some of the finished work. Over the last few terms, and the students have made some fabulous items.

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