How to Save Money Before the Build Begins


The 4 key stage tips to get the best out of your project before construction begins.

Jamie Winspear

Author: Jamie Winspear


Stage 1 – Free Information

Before you start to look into the design, you need to know if your project is feasible in the first place.

Before any costs occur we would ask that you send a few photos of where you would like to have your project, along with a few bullet points of what you have in mind.  Why not visit our gallery showing a range of completed products.  From this, we will be able to give you our professional experience on whether what you have in mind is feasible.

We can discuss the following design aspects such as: –

  • The design of your project
  • Lighting
  • Fixtures & Fittings
  • The style of doors
  • What is the purpose of the project for you?
  • Professional fees – such as Architects, Structural Engineers, Building Control.

The above information will help us to provide you with an initial budget cost which will obviously help you decide whether or not you wish to proceed to the planning approval stage. All of the above discussions at this stage would be free, which provide you with valuable information before investing your money.

Should you be happy with the budget cost, we would then take you to the next stage. Budget costs can fluctuate depending on fixtures and fittings

Stage 2 – Investing Money into the Project for Planning

Submitting your project to the Planning Authorities involves costs. At this stage, you should choose your architect for the works for planning approval. We would advise you on which Architect to use if needed.

The drawings for the planning approval are basic drawings. These show the elevations and plan view of the project, along with a document answering several questions such as the use of materials, location of property and use of the project.

Investing money for this stage only means that should the project be rejected, there are no unnecessary monies wasted on detailed drawings and designs.

Your project may need minor amendments for planning approval although, at this stage, these will be easy to amend. Following the amendments, you will be required to resubmit the application for planning approval.  Please note, planning applications take up to 8 weeks for a decision to be made.

Stage 3 – Planning has been Approved – What Now?

At this stage, you should receive a little more free information.

We will discuss in detail with you the next stages to form a fixed quotation with detailed drawings.  We will also discuss the bullet points in detail, making sure you understand the reasons for each bullet point.

These are some of the points we are most likely to discuss;


Once we have discussed the above points, along with other queries and questions, you will be in a position to gather quotations for the professional fees only.  These could include Architects fees, Structural Engineers fees, the Design Team. Once the Architect, Engineer and Design Team have created all the necessary drawings and specification, this can be submitted to Building Control. This can take up to 8 weeks to approve the drawings and these drawings will have all the details required to build the scheme.

With all the drawings and specification created and money spent in the right places, you will be in the perfect position to start the scheme. This is where we will be able to finally deliver a fixed quotation for the full build. You will know that the quotation will include everything stated on your specification and drawings.


Speaking to us at the very beginning for your oak scheme will prevent you from spending unnecessary monies.

It will give you the confidence that each stage is at the right stage for your project and will ensure you are set for your build to begin.

Give us a call; visit our showroom for a chat and a cup of coffee!!!!

Why wouldn’t you want to save time and money?

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