Engraved Oak – Personalisation


The ultimate in personalisation.

Adding your house name, family name or personal message definitely adds that personal touch.

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Everything Oak By Design manufacture at their Tockwith workshop is made to order, and therefore, unique!

This enables their clients to have exactly the oak product they wish for.

Engraved oak adds the ultimate in personalisation

Oak structures, such as sunrooms, glazed porches, garages and open porches are proving extremely popular at the moment. The aesthetically pleasing, characterful look of oak must surely be part of their popularity. Glazed porches and open porches, especially, are extremely popular and on many people’s home ‘wish lists’.

The oak porch is the first part of the home a visitor experiences when visiting. Regularly styled to reflect the owners’ personality, they give people an insight into the lives of the people behind the door!

Uses include: storing wellies, logs, children’s and dog’s paraphernalia whilst others overflow with planters and lanterns. However clients use their porches, they do like to personalise them.

Oak By Design offers all their oak porch clients the opportunity to have their porch personalised with engraved oak beams showing their house name or number, as appropriate.

Alternatively, if they don’t want to have the oak truss engraved, they can have oak seat tops made (if they’re having enclosed dwarf walls built). There is the option of having the engraving along the top or along the front edge.

The photos show seat tops engraved with the different family members names on a porch in the Cotswolds.  These, hopefully, ensure all wellies are all placed in the proper place after a family walk!


The engraving machine is mainly in use to enhance and personalise their oak products.

Their clients have the choice of a number of different fonts and size for the inscription. This addition to the porch ordering process has proved very popular with their clients who require ‘That little something extra’ on their products.

The engraved oak beam service is only available on products manufactured by Oak By Design, and at the time of manufacture.

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