Engineered Oak Flooring in Bathrooms?

Oak Flooring and Bathrooms?

It is a common misconception that wooden floors and bathrooms don’t go together. So our customers seem surprised when we inform them that they CAN use our engineered oak flooring in their bathrooms.

Historically, wooden floors would have been solid, and we wouldn’t recommend the use of these within a humid atmosphere.  This because where the temperature is likely to fluctuate. These factors would contribute to the solid boards contracting and/or expanding, which in turn would result in the boards having gaps between them and as a result eventually splitting and becoming uneven.

The beauty of engineered oak flooring in bathrooms is that they are stable, structural and solid when fitted correctly. An expansion gap should be left when fitting, ideally beneath the skirting boards, to allow the board to adjust during humidity and temperature changes.


Suitable with Underfloor Heating?

Engineered oak flooring is suitable for fitting over underfloor heating. So, again, is great for a bathroom where you have a cosy, warm environment. Engineered oak flooring can be installed in a number of ways, and the best way to decide the correct way for your floor is to speak to the person who is fitting this for you to discuss your options.

Glue to an existing floor or concrete screed or use nails to an existing wooden floor, joists or battens or as a ‘floating floor’. An oak floor will provide a warm and hardwearing floor that will last for years to come. As with any floor in a bathroom, water spills and splashes will need mopping up as soon as possible.  This is to ensure the best care for the floor and more importantly, no nasty slip-ups. If the bathroom is quite small, you may wish to choose a narrower board than one in a living area. There is usually a good choice of board widths – ranging from 155m to 245mm wide

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