Bi-Fold Doors and The Oak Conservatory

The Beauty of Bi-Fold Doors

We’ve seen a rise in the use of bi-fold doors over the last decade. Where once the French Doors were the easy escape to the garden from a living room or conservatory, now the Bi-Fold Door is the door of choice. It’s easy to see why.

Fitting along the full length of any oak conservatory they offer a great visual aspect from inside – the inside and outside seamlessly merging into one. Providing there is a level threshold and the flooring inside and out is consistent, a great sense of space is provided.

When closed, they not only offer great views, but the amount of natural light is increased too with the full height and width doors.

As their popularity has increased, so has the quality of the systems and they have become lightweight and light touch, making the opening and closing of them almost effortless. Available in both oak and aluminium they are draught proof , strong and thermally efficient. Anthracite grey is a popular colour choice for aluminium. Black and white framed doors are often discounted as they can look a little like UPVC, which may not be the look required when making an investment of bi-fold doors.

If the steelwork and structure of the house allows, 2 sets can be fit to meet at a corner, opening up the space even more and providing 2 entry points to the garden whilst retaining the indoor/outdoor effect.

Oak Orangery Sat On Stone Wall
oak conservatory

It is worth considering the number of leaves required to fill the space. When closed it is more pleasing aesthetically to see the least amount of framework and depending on where the home is, the weather may not always be favourable to having the doors open!

The door systems can be bought ‘off the peg’ so if it is an option, it can be more cost effective for the opening to be made to fit the door sets if working on a new build or extension. However, if that isn’t an efficient and effective option, a bespoke system would be the alternative. Most are quick to install; the frame being fitted first and then the windows slotted in.

It is worth bearing in mind that within an oak conservatory not everyone wants to spoil the effect created by the bi-fold doors.  Blinds or curtains may need to be considered if the property is overlooked or is vulnerable to the sun. Blinds can be made that fit within the frames and offer a more sleek finish.