About Us

Exceeding Expectations!
The Why, The How and The What…

1. The Why

In everything we do, we believe in creating a lifestyle, we believe in wholeheartedly supporting and helping our clients and colleagues.

We believe in exceeding expectations at all times.

2. The How

The way we do this is by developing a relationship so that trust becomes second nature.

We do this by asking the right questions and listening to the answers. We do this automatically.

3. The What

Our products are beautifully designed, created and hand finished, knowing that the result will always be a success.

Our service is an experience that is unique in its style and welcoming in its delivery.

Our History

After trying nearly 20 jobs since leaving school, ranging from pizza maker to aircrew in the RAF, Richard Penny decided to start Oak By Design to always exceed expectations.  He wanted to learn how to develop a company, learn about the construction industry and create an amazing experience for his customers.

Starting with basic requests for fireplace beams, the company have invested significantly in the right like-minded staff and machinery to expand its portfolio to oak buildings, oak porches and oak flooring.

Always situated in the Yorkshire area, Oak By Design can easily supply and fit a wide range of products.  Further afield, the company regularly supplies oak framework and internal items to designers, builders and self-builders throughout the country.  Exporting goods to Europe and America have also been accomplished.

Over the last 20 years, Richard has created a team of strong, customer-focused individuals, all wanting to grow the company.

Over time and through diversification, they now target the niche market of supplying high end, well designed and expertly constructed oak products.

Always applying the phrase ‘put yourself in the customers’ shoes’ enables the company to produce success stories time and time again.