Oak Shelves, Cills & Worktops

Essentially oak shelves, window cills and worktops are flat oak surfaces varying in dimensions to create a surface that can be used for a multiple uses.

All our oak material is kiln dried for these applications and is available in a variety of thickness.

Think colour, size, edge detail and finish.  At Oak By Design we are able to create your ideal oak shelf, cill or worktop.

Would you like a clean, modern and contemporary look or a true aged, reclaimed effect creating character and originality?

Oak Shelves

The oak shelves are made to requirements.

We require the three (3) dimensions, the thickness, depth and length to create your oak shelf.

We would also ask if brackets are required, edge detail and colour.

The price guide below gives you an idea based on 1 metre, although there is a minimum charge you can have, within reason any length your wish.

Oak Window Cills

An oak window cill is the finishing touch to any window.

Like all our products, your cills can be manufactured exactly to fir within the windows reveal.  Depending on whether you intend to install the window cill before or after plastering, we can advise on dimensions and installation to ensure it look perfect.

If your windows are yet to be made we would advise your supplier placing a groove on the bottom edge of the window to allow the cill to sit within it.  This way you get a great joint and everything looks integral.

Oak Worktops

Most customers want a tailor made oak worktop that adds value to any kitchen.

We are able to create very high quality worktops with wide staves and detailed edges.

Anything from a simple worktop to a more elaborate centre island.

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