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Oak Shelves, Sills & Worktops - Edge Detail




The square edge on these oak shelves is know as PSE or PAR.

This stands for Planed Square Edge or Planed All Round (same thing)


These like all our shelves are manufactured square and care should be taken when fitting shelves into an alcove or recess with unsquare returns.


Single Bullnose


The single bullnose finish is applied to the top edge of the face of the shelf. We can continue the bullnose around the edges if they are to be seen after installation.


Our staff will be more than willing to assist you in this matter.

Double Bullnose


The double bullnose continues the curved edge on both top and bottom corners similar to that of a oak step.


Again, the ends of the shelves can have this profile as well.



Waney Edge


A waney edge is the natural and sometimes irregular profile that is defined by the bark of the oak tree.


This bark is normally removed, although can be left on, to create a wonderful, characterful edge detail.


This is totally unique to each shelf and any dimensions given regarding the depth of the shelf need to take this uneven edge into consideration.






oak shelves

Edge Detail


oak shelves and shelving





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