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Your Tailor Made Oak Beam.

Oak beams are made to order and so you may choose any of the colours, shapes and extras to create the right looking oak beam or oak mantel for you.

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our Oak Beams are completely customisable.  You may choose the size, colour, shape, texture and finish of your Oak beams regardless of whether they are for an oak fireplace mantel or even larger, structural ceiling beams.  Oak is a very versatile timber allowing you to create the right appearance for your surroundings and personal taste.

oak fireplace beam and oak mantle

Available Sizes

All seasoned oak has been pre cut to standard sizes for drying purposes.

However, you may choose ANY size beam you wish up to 300mm x 300mm.

Standard and more common sizes are 140mm x 70mm, 140mm x 140mm, 190mm x 90mm and 190mm x 190mm.

Your Oak beam can be cut to any length.

Fixing Options

How will you fix or install your oak beam or oak mantel?

These options can be found within the technical section.

  • Face Fixing
  • Self Supporting
  • Invisible Fixing
  • Strap Supports

Oak Beams – Colours

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